Our Services

Albert 2000 is ready to provide, at any moment, a comprehensive array of logistical services to importers, exporters, ports and businesses nationwide

More than just unloading containers

The constant strive for excellence, the training of workers for various tasks, the skilled professionals, the state of the art equipment and the advanced working methods all paved the way for us to provide logistics, portage, and transportation services nationwide of the highest quality.

Teams of 25 workers each are at your service and are prepared to provide you with a complete container handling service, with everything it entails. For importers (including personal imports) – from transporting cargo all the way through emptying containers, unloading cargo from containers and trucks, sorting, arranging cargo on surfaces and storing it.

For companies and exports – loading containers (either containerization or loading), including transportation services, storage, portage to the warehouses and forklift operation. In addition, we provide transportation services for cranes and heavy equipment

Why choose us?

We contain. Everything.

Loading and unloading of refrigerated containers? Surfaces sorting? We are here at your service with qualified personnel for anything you might ask.

Complete end-to-end solutions

Logistics and transportation under the same umbrella – We handle your project from A to Z, with a comprehensive list of peripheral services.

Right time, right budget

Planning ahead and meeting challenging timetables, all to save time and money – that is how our organization operates.

Our advantages: Planning ahead | Working across the country | Availability 24/7 | 22 years of experience | Coordination with all relevant entities | Rigorous time management to meet challenging timetables | Great management | Team leaders who regularly oversee the work | Tailoring our services to the client’s needs | Safety guarantee | Personal liability towards the customer

Container loading and unloading services

Unloading containers and loading cargo are Albert 2000’s specialty. Anytime, from anywhere to any destination – that’s our motto.

We specialize in providing unloading services from containers and trucks and loading services for all types of containers (a process called “containerization”). To that end, we adapt to every request and offer many teams of skilled veterans to our clients – and that makes all the difference.

Sorting of wares and cargo

Sorting cargo and wares efficiently is immensely important for the rest of the operation and for the item organization plan, following the unloading of the container.

In accordance with the needs of the customer, we sort wares by model (catalog number), product type, color, size and more, all the while maintaining the cargo’s integrity.

Organizing warehouse after offloading

On the one hand, we’re required to handle the containers quickly. On the other hand, any mistakes we make can harm the cargo. Smart and proper organization of the wares in a professional and meticulous manner takes care of the time issue and ensures the best care possible. After classifying the different items, we organize them on surfaces in a secure and efficient manner and make sure to position them optimally – in accordance with your storage demands. All to avoid the loss of time, space and money.

Forklift operation services

Portage during the loading or unloading of heavy cargo to and from containers and trucks usually requires the use of forklift services. In order for the transportation and logistical operations to work in a continuous, safe and proper manner, we provide a team of experienced and certified forklift operators, who have gone through the proper training

Transport, refrigerated transport, storage

Need a transporting leader? We’ll provide you with a wide range of transportation services, ranging from containers, through hazardous materials all the way to food products requiring refrigerated transporting. We transport wares to destinations nationwide, using trucks of different sizes and the relevant and appropriate teams of porters.

How should I pick a moving company? You start by looking for a company with experience, checking for the existence of insurance (including on the wares themselves), and making sure the team uses state-of-the-art machines and vehicles and has skilled drivers.

Transporting refrigerated food and drug products is a sensitive subject which requires meeting strict regulations and using safety protocols that protect both the cargo and the workers.

Our assortment of vehicles includes refrigeration trucks equipped with advanced temperature control systems, and a team of drivers and workers who are sensitive to any sensitive cargo.

Smart Storage: Are you Importers? Exporters? Business owners? We offer secure, convenient solutions for storing cargo – both for the short and the long-term.

Personnel services for portage jobs

Without porters, nothing gets done.

Any manufacturer, importer and exporter knows that.

Whether you require portage services for unloading cargo or containerization, or for any other complex portage work, we’ll provide you with a highly trained professional team of porters, trained to carry out all the necessary tasks – thoroughly and professionally.

For any need and at any time, our team is available and will provide you the perfect physical solutions for quick portage work.

  • We supply you with licensed and experienced forklift operators
  • We Supply temporary personnel for portage work on a per-hour basis

Spare yourself the headache and damages resulting from working with amateurs.

Using professionals is the wise choice.